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Large Scale Robotic Palletizing

We were presented with a challenge to integrate a bag palletizing system in Edmonton, Alberta. The challenge was ultimately our customer’s floor space constraints. The solution was innovative material handling and maximizing the palletizing robot’s utilization.

Synchronized Robotic Assembly Lines

Our customer required an extremely versatile automated assembly process to manufacture 7 different electronic throttle controls at a 8 second cycle time. A fully automated palletized assembly line with quick change nest fixturing and modular tooling provided seamless product changeovers.

Small Parts High Speed Indexing Assembly Cell

A daunting challenge to produce multiple variations of assemblies comprised of very small molded plastic components at a cycle time of less than 2 seconds. The solution was our most elaborate indexing turntable to date that incorporated innovative part presentation, component handling and nest tooling.

Complete Multi-Cell Automated Assembly Lines

This was an expansive, 11 station fully automated assembly line that can be operated by a single operator. The line incorporates 4 robots, 86 feet of automated powered conveyor, magnetizing operations, automated laser soldering operations and part functional testing.

Large Scale Robotic Assembly Cells

A challenging project that required extensive synchronous robotic and mechanical motion while gaining new ground in operator and robotic interfacing. Incorporated such technologies as hot melt roll coating, torch cutting, material de-coiling and sophisticated end of arm tooling.

Tier 1 Automotive Components Assembly

An automotive industry application for a 4 robot assembly cell incorporating hot iron soldering, heat staking, press force monitoring, sorting, palletizing and full functional testing of our customer’s non-contact electronic position sensor.

Synchronized Robotic Assembly Lines

A completely automated assembly process that incorporates 3 vision guided robotic stations, laser soldering, laser plastic welding, laser 2D bar code marking, tandem functional testing for simultaneous parallel assembly processes and 2 part potting gel dispensing.