Custom Automation Development for Wood Industry

EDGE automation Productivity Improvement projects are focused on developing customized solutions specific to wood industry .From the initial idea and design to release we aid you framing a competitive and technologically advanced product line delivering your expectations

With our experience in the wood industry automation needs , we can delivery custom integration solutions which is scalable and robust .

If you're seeking to modernize your manufacturing facility ,we’re here to help you achieve productivity and revenue growth. EDGE acts in accordance with reliable quality assurance practices which are focused on automation. This modus operandi empowers us to identify risks and launch the most complex projects within strict time frames

Custom Automation Projects for Wood Industry

Labelling and Loading for CNC

Automation machine

Robotic material handling cell designed to work with two SCM Morbidelli n100 CNC routers.

Edge Banding Material Handler

Automation machine

Standard CabSort (Robot Tooling, Base, Guarding and related programming and interface with Edge Bander, CNC, Dowel Machine) with configurable
Return Conveyor solution

Door Stack Flipper

Automation machine

Custom automated door flipper and conveyor cell that will allow for a wide variety of door types

Door Load and Unload

Automation machine

Integration of robotic and material handling automation for machine tending of the existing Routech Ergon router

CNC Door Robotic System

Automation machine

Robotic SCM Accord 40 CNC routers Load and Unload Cell with the ability to efficiently load and unload doors with a range of size and thickness

Door Packaging

Automation machine

Robotic material handling and wrapping machine for door wrapping and stacking.

Integrated Wood Cell

Automation machine

Robotic handler and return conveyors configured with Edge Banding and CNC router

Machine Tending

Automation machine

HanDoor™ door and panel CNC tending system with configurable pre engineered RTU

Lean Sort Cell

Automation machine

CabSort™ lean cabinet sorting cell in multiple configuration and unload options

Woodworking Videos

Robotic Loading of Doors into High Speed Finishing Line

Robot Panel CNC Nest Machine Unload Sort Dowel Load Carts

Large Wood Panel Dowel Machine Load & Unload

Wood Panel Gantry Pick and Place & Unload Automation

Tiny Wood Panel Robot Load Edge Bander & Gantry System Unload Edgebander

Door Wood Panel Transfer Conveyor System Run off In house

Auto Sizing Robot Vacuum End of Arm Tool for Picking MDF Door Skins

Fully Automated Wood Panel Trolley & CNC Load Align System

Finished Door Robotic Destack Custom Wrap and Stack Call

Double bed CNC Nesting Machine Robotic Load Unload and Flip with Scrap Management

EDGE Automation's Woodworking Robotic Lean Cell

An In-Depth Look Into EDGE Automation's Woodworking Robotic Lean Cell for Cabinetry Applications